We are committed to enhancing people's lives through pottery.

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At LOKI Studio we offer a variety of pottery courses, pottery painting sessions, ceramics workshops and events designed to provide a relaxing escape from daily stress. Our studios in Zurich and Locarno are beautiful locations where you can experience all the benefits of pottery in a calm and supportive environment. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced potter, we have activities tailored just for you.

Meet the team

Aline Pedrazzi – LOKI Studio

Aline Pedrazzi


Saki Vezzoli – co founder LOKI Studio

Saki Vezzoli


Agata Loboda – Studio assitant & teacher

Agata Loboda

Studio assistant & teacher

Ayse Nur Demirel – social media intern

Ayşe Nur Demirel

Social media intern

Chiara Biondi – studio assitant

Chiara Biondi

Studio Assitant

Haruhi Untersander

Haruhi Untersander

Studio assistant & teacher

Jazmin Strohner – production assitant

Jazmin Strohner

Production assitant

Marieke Wejis – teacher

Marieke Weijs


Sofia Disiou – teacher

Sofia Disiou


Viktorija Dziaugyte – studio assitant

Viktorija Dziaugyte

Studio assitant

Yanica Gisler – studio manager

Yanica Gisler

Studio manager

Our journey with LOKI Studio began as a shared passion between two women, Aline and Saki. 

LOKI Studio

United by the love for pottery and its relaxing effects, we spent three years refining our skills together. The concept of LOKI took root during the challenging lockdown of March 2021, inspiring us to channel our energy into a meaningful endeavour.

Originally centered on offering high-quality homeware, LOKI gradually evolved into a comprehensive pottery studio, providing courses, workshops, workspace, and events by February 2022. Our aim was to enhance people’s lives through ceramics, just as it had enriched ours. Since February 2022, LOKI has welcomed thousands of clients who have benefited from the stress-relieving properties of ceramics.

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