Studio access for own pottery practice

Studio access for own pottery practice.

Pottery and firing equipment

Get access to space, six pottery wheels, a variety of materials, and ceramic firing services.

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Get up to 30% discount on selected pottery courses and workshops.

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Connect and engage with other pottery enthusiasts from all around the world.

Are you looking for a space to work with ceramics regularly and unwind? You've found exactly where you need to be!

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Welcome to the LOKI’ s members’ workspace, dedicated to creatives aiming to practice pottery as a hobby. Our workspace is designed for independent use, giving you the freedom to practice and experiment with ceramics at your own pace and on your own terms.

Equipped with everything you need for your personal projects, from various clay types and glazes to pottery wheels and firing services, our workspace provides all the essentials. You will have access to the entire studio infrastructure, enabling you to slow down and focus on your craft for a more balanced work-life equilibrium on a weekly basis.



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Membership’s workspace location
& opening hours

Opening hours: 

– Tuesdays: 13–15/16–18 
– Thursdays: 14–16/17–21 
– Fridays: 14–16/17–21 
– Saturdays: 9–13 
– Sundays: 9–13 

Please note that the opening hours may vary depending on private events and season occupancy. Please check the weekly timetable on the member account.

During the following periods/days the studio is closed for holidays:

– 29th March–1st April 2024
– 9th May 2024 / 20th May 2024
– 22nd July–4th August 2024 
– 11th November 2024
– 23rd December–5th January 2025


You can change the date and time of your booking up to 2 hours before the session. You can do this by clicking the “change booking” button in your booking confirmation email. If you want to cancel or reschedule your session within two hours before the start time, please email us, and we will do it for you.

Please note: In case of a no-show without notification from the member, a 30 CHF penalty will be charged to your credit card. You can find more information in our terms and conditions.

The membership cannot be paused but only cancelled. We suggest canceling your membership before the automatic renewal and resubscribing after your break.

It is strictly forbidden to use external materials such as clay, glaze, wax, and other materials that will be fired in the kiln. All materials processed in the workspace must come from the studio, as they have been tested and approved for our kiln. Unknown and untested materials might seriously damage the kiln.

To reserve a session, log in to your account in your customer area (here) and click on “new booking.” The schedule for the next two weeks will appear, and you can reserve your session.

 Yes, you must have a valid membership at the time of booking and reserve the session online through the customer area. It is not possible to use the space without booking online a session.

If the piece cracked or broke before or during firing, you must pay the full price (30 CHF/Kg, 35 CHF/Kg if you use underglazes) because the crack or breakage is due to improper handling on your part. If the piece breaks accidentally while we are moving it or if we drop it, you do not have to pay for it. If the piece cracks or breaks after the bisque firing and you do not intend to glaze it, the price is lower (15 CHF/Kg). If you want to discard it after paying, please do not leave it in the studio; but we kindly ask you to take it with you and dispose of it yourself.

Yes. In order to ensure safe and optimal use of the workspace, a mandatory introduction is scheduled with every new user of the studio on the first day of the session and at the beginning of the session. The introduction session lasts approximately 5-10 minutes, is free of charge, and it is the member’s responsibility to approach the staff for the introduction and inform them that they are a new member.

Unfortunately, space is limited, and we aim to maintain a relaxing and intimate environment. Therefore, it is not possible to bring friends, relatives, children, or babies into the studio, whether they are participating in ceramics or not.

We offer our members only a space to leave their works-in-progress creations, but we do not provide a space to leave personal tools, aprons, or ceramics-working items. Therefore, if you bring your own tools for working with ceramics, please take them home after the session.

Studio holidays 🏝

Please be reminded that the workspace will be closed for summer holidays from July 22nd to August 4th. During this period, the workspace will be inaccessible. Further details can be found in our terms and conditions. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.