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A variety of slow-made objects, ready to be painted during our 2-hour pottery painting session or workshops.

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Pottery painting and more: pottery courses and workshops in wheel throwing and handbuilding. Discover our studio in Zurich.

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  • No refunds will be provided for cancellations of the booking.
  • It is only possible to change the date of the booking. In case of modification of the date of the booking, the following terms apply:
    • Up to 5 days before the class: the change of the date is free of charge.
    • From 5 days to 2 hours before the booking: 50% of the total price will be extra charged.
  • In the case of a no-show without notification, it is not possible to reschedule the booking to another date or receive a refund. No exceptions are made: in case of illness or personal matters, the terms and conditions mentioned above apply. We cannot take into account any medical or legal certificates.
  • Further terms & conditions can be found here.

All student work is ready within 4 weeks of the session or workshop date. As soon as your creations are ready, we will send you an email with all the information for picking up your creations. If you have not received an email and it has been more than 4 weeks please check your spam folder! Once you receive the email you can come and pick up your creations during the following opening hours:

– Wednesdays 3-5 pm
– Fridays 5–9 pm
– Saturdays 1-5 pm

The pickup is closed during the studio holidays which are: 

– 01.08.2024
– 01.11.2024
– 23.12.2024 – 20.01.2025 (Christmas break)


Absolutely! We offer a shipping service for finished creations, with an additional fee. We can ship to your preferred address. During your session, you can request a form to fill out your details, and payment for the shipping can be made directly at the studio.

As reported by our instructor in the studio, if too much color is applied during firing, it creates bubbles in the glaze or even causes it to detach, resulting in poor adhesion to the object. The effect we call craquelure occurs when the glaze develops small cracks during the kiln firing process, resembling tiny grooves inside it (see prototypes in the studio). This is entirely normal in pottery; the object isn’t broken and remains perfectly waterproof and durable!
If you have further questions about your object, feel free to email us, and for our refund policy, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Our pottery painting items are entirely crafted by our staff in our production studio in Zurich. It typically takes between one and two weeks from the birth of an object to its completion, as the object undergoes several phases. We use a technique called ‘slipcasting’. ‘Slip’ is essentially liquified clay, in a creamy, pourable consistency. We mix powdered clay with water and let it settle for a couple of weeks to ensure there are no air bubbles present. Then, we pour the mixture into plaster molds that solidify the clay, and after a few minutes, we remove them from the molds. The items are left to rest for 1-2 days and then finished with a sponge and smoothed. They are dried and fired at 980 degrees for about 2 days. Afterwards, they are transported to our pottery painting studios and are ready to be painted. Handcrafting our items gives us greater control over the materials used, quality, and functionality. Additionally, each object is truly unique and crafted slowly in Switzerland.

No, we do not currently offer firing services for external  customers using their own materials.