Speckles add a unique and natural touch to any ceramic piece. Let’s create your own speckled set!

In this workshop, we’ll walk you through each step of creating your favorite piece on the pottery wheel. You’ll have the opportunity to craft a set of two items, whether you choose a mug, a plate, a bowl, or a vase. We’ll use speckled clay that, when fired, creates a beautiful pattern on your piece, making it look amazing.

Your creations will be trimmed, fired and glazed by our staff and can be collected after approximately four weeks after the workshop’s date at our studio. All the material along with the firing costs and the professional finishing of your work up to two pieces are included in the price. If the participant wants to keep more than two pieces, an additional cost per extra piece of 20 CHF will be applied.

The workshop is open to everyone and perfectly suitable for beginners. Children above 6 years of age are welcome to join this workshop. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is also taking the class.


speckled set workshop
speckled set workshop