mixed techniques
beginner course

Treat yourself with a full immersion into the world of handmade pottery and learn the basics of the pottery wheel and handbuilding techniques. Our mixed techniques course is the perfect chance for you to have an insight into several different pottery techniques!

During the mixed techniques course you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of the work on the pottery wheel and practice at least two of the handbuilding techniques. At the end of this course you can expect to have acquired the necessary basic knowledge to be able to start working with clay on your own and to take home your firsts beautiful handmade creations, such as cups, bowls, plates and vases.

After the course, you will have the foundations to start working on your own during our Advanced workspace. If you desire to delve even deeper into specific topics, you are welcome to explore additional courses or workshops. 

Following the last class, the staff will fire your creations and they will be ready within four weeks after the last date of the course.

The course is open to everyone and perfectly suitable for beginners. Children above 6 years of age are welcome to join this course. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is also taking the class.

Please note: If there is a large number of attendees the group will be split into two sub groups, and the students will in turn learn both techniques. During the last lesson everyone will learn how to glaze their creations. If you are interested in focusing only on the hand building techniques, you are welcome to sign in to this course! If you choose this option you will learn the 3 main hand building techniques: coil building, pinching and slab folding. During the booking process you will be asked if you want to learn both techniques (pottery wheel and hand building) or just hand building. If you are interested in focusing more hours on the pottery wheel we recommend our course entirely dedicated on the pottery wheel practice.