Beginner pottery

A self-guided time for improvement, disconnect and slow down




Welcome to our pottery Workspace for beginners! If you’ve recently completed our 2-hour pottery workshop or event at LOKI Studio and felt a sense of well-being and a desire to continue practicing what you’ve learned, you’ve come to the right place.

The workspace is designed to provide a relaxing and creative environment for beginners to explore the world of pottery. 

No tutoring is included in the session, but team will be happy to show how to use the space, where to find the material and how to glaze your pieces.

If you’d like to learn other pottery techniques or take your skills to the next level, we have a wide range of workshops, courses and private classes available. Our experienced instructors can help you master wheel throwing, handbuilding, glazing, and more!
You can find more info here


It is mandatory to have taken a minimum of 2-hour workshop at LOKI Studio in the discipline you intend to practice in the studio. The user is required to know how to work the clay. No tutoring is included in the session.

It is mandatory to reserve your workspace seat through our booking system. You can book your spot up to one hour before the session starts.

Booking cancellation
The following cancellation rules apply:

  • Full refund will be provided for cancellations made more than 12 hours in advance
  • No refund will be provided for cancellations made less than 12 hours in advance.

End of the session
Please leave on time at the end of your workspace slot. If there is availability of space, the work session can be extended after agreement with our staff. The extra hour must be paid at the studio.

All users are requested to clean their workstation and the used materials at the end of their session. Cleaning must begin 20 minutes before the end of the session.

External material
It is forbidden to bring your own materials at the workspace.

Studio introduction
In order to use the studio in a safe and optimal way a mandatory introduction is scheduled with every new user of the studio. The introduction session lasts for approximately 10 minutes and it is free of charge.

During the opening hours, someone from the team will be present at the studio to answer the questions concerning the studio use and the material.

Further rules terms and conditions can be found here.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Our workspace is equipped with everything that you need to create your own personal projects, from clay and glaze to several handbuilding tools and firing service. You’ll have access to the entire infrastructure of the studio, allowing you to slow down and focus on your creative process.

The workspace is approximately 80 square meters divided into: one the work area with washing area, toilet and a small terrace.

The pottery studio is provided with different types of clays, several glazes and underglazes (1240 °C / Cone 6), casting slip, many hand building tools and more.

Please note that there are no pottery wheels available for the Beginner workspace session. If you are interested in practicing the pottery wheel, you can check out the Workspace for advanced. You can find more info here

The material is not included in the session. The cost of the material is 30 CHF/kg (and is calculated on the finished object). The clay, glaze and firing service are included in the material price. The material is paid before taking home the finished creations.

All firings are entirely done by our staff. The finished work are fired every 1-4 weeks depending on the availability of our kiln.

All firings are entirely done by our staff. The finished works are fired every 2 weeks so they are ready to be glazed after 2 weeks. The creations are not glazed by the staff but by the person who reserves the workspace. Therefore, it takes two sessions to finish one’s creations. 

Free coffee and tea and some small snacks are available for all our workspace users. 

The pottery workspace for beginners can be booked during the studio opening hours:

Fridays: 15–21
Saturdays: 9–13

Please note that the opening hours may vary depending on workshops, courses and events. Please check the weekly timetable.

During the following periods/days the studio is closed for holidays:

23–6 January 2023 / 7-10 April 2023
1st Mai 2023 / 26th Mai 2023/ 6th June 2023
24–6 August 2023

LOKI Studio is located in Zurich, just outside of the city center. It is easily accessible by public transportation, at only 5 minutes walk from the train station in Zurich Oerlikon.

How to get there

The workspace for beginners takes place in our shop. The LOKI Shop is located on the southeast facade of the building at Gubelstrasse 2, overlooking the street Schaffhauserstrasse where the nr. 10 and 14 streetcar line passes.