The slowest, the better: how pottery forces you to slow down and automatically relaxes your brain

At LOKI we always say: pottery is a magical cure-all. Having a hobby that allows us to slow down and seal us away from the outside world’s bustle is a true blessing. In today’s self-nurture-themed article, you’ll read about how ceramics help you relax your body and soul – even on a stressful day.
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How clay resists impatience  

Doing ceramics in general is a great way to relax your mind. It’s not always easy, though. There’re days when you feel irritated, tired and your approach is just not right. Your movements are tense and impatient.

Well, it sounds funny but clay can get wind of that. Those are the days when you think everything goes wrong in the studio… Your bowl collapses, the handle breaks off your mug and so on… In these moments, it’s essential to arm yourself with patience and focus on the clay rather than your emotions. Alternatively, take a break, do something else, and return to the lathe with renewed energy. You’ll see that things will go better. Trust us: the clay will reflect your new mindset. Slower and lighter movements will make it cooperate again!

How pottery relaxes your body and mind

Here you are! Overcame a mood swing and back on track with your relaxing pottery session. Now feel the clay pleasantly massaging your palms while the wheel’s turning. Do you smell its earthy scent? How natural and great that is…

Now start centring, then slowly do your first pull! Concentrate on keeping it centred and the walls even! Drop your shoulders and release tension in your body! Keep your movements gentle for the rest of the process.

You forgot that stressful thought while you were busy wheel-throwing, didn’t you? That’s the magic of pottery. It diverts your thoughts and lets you relax in a safe and mindful state. Pottery is a great teacher because it:

  • Teaches patience and tenderness
  • Slows you down
  • Is therapeutic: it provides sensory satisfaction, mindful moments, and allows for self-expression

What did we learn today?

Overcoming emotional stress and tension is not an easy business. Clay and pottery can teach you not to give up patience and reward you with eternal peace afterwards.

If you’re interested in experiencing this for yourself, explore our selection of pottery courses and workshops! LOKI is dedicated to the art of slowing down.

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