Songetsu ikebana and pottery workshop

Sogetsu Ikebana and pottery

This special two-session workshop at LOKI studio combines the disciplines of handbuilding pottery and Ikebana. Ikebana is an ancient Japanese practice that turn floral elements into beautiful and harmonic compositions. Is an opportunity to practice mindfulness, connect with yourself and express your creativity.

During the first session of the workshop you will be guided through the realization of a beautiful flat vase for your Ikebana. The second session will start with an introduction of the basics of the Sogetsu Ikebana School by the Ikebana teacher Daniela Jost. The introduction will be followed by a demonstration of how to make the arrangement. After that it will be time to realize your beautiful arrangement with seasonal flowers inside your flat bowl. At the end of the workshop, photos of the composition will be taken in order to recreate the Ikebana at home and take the delicate fresh flowers home safely. All the material is included in the price.

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